Disable Hyperlink Auditing

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What is hyperlink auditing?

Hyperlink auditing is an HTML standard that can be used to track clicks on website links. When a link with hyperlink auditing is click, information about the link is recorded and sent to a destination decided by the owner of the site.

Why is this a bad thing?

Honestly, it's not. No personally identifiable information is sent as a part of hyperlink auditing, and the standard is structured to be useful for collecting analytics. All the same, some people do have privacy concerns about being tracked, especially since several major browsers have removed the ability to disable that feature.

What does this userscript do?

The script removes the "ping" attribute from all links on the page, disabling hyperlink auditing.

How do I install the uerscript?

You will need an extension to run the userscript. Tampermonkey is the most popular if you don't already have a preferred extension.

Once you have the extension, the easiest install method is to install from Greasy Fork. All you need to do is click the install button and the script will be automatically be imported, and will automatically check for any updates.

Alternatively, you can manually install the latest version from here. These should update automatically. You can also manually download older versions from here. These do not automatically update.