Fake Internet Points – Development Part 1

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Like many other programmers, I have a knack for coming up with useless and ambitious ideas and trying to turn them into code. The inspiration this time is Fake Internet Points, a site for earning and using useless internet currencies. I’ve officially begun development on the site, so let me explain what my vision is.

The goal is a marketplace where people can trade various made-up currencies with each other. The “Fake Internet Point” will be the base value that all other currencies measure up to, and various other currencies can be exchanged. At launch, I plan to have “Exposure” as the only other currency, but others can be added throughout the life of the site.

The site will be coded with PHP, and SQL will be used to store site data. I plan to use Bootstrap as the framework for the front-end of the site, as I’ve found it to be the most easily usable and customizable frameworks.

Unfortunately, fakeinternetpoints.com is currently being squatted. I have no interest in giving the current owner my money, so I had to settle for fakeinternetpoints.app. Bootstrap has been added to the site, and I’ve begun some basic CSS modifications. The next priority is probably to code a login system, as well as a system for trading the various currencies. I don’t currently have a strategy for earning currency either, so deciding how I want that to work will also be important.

While this project is definitely in its infancy, I look forward to watching it come together, and I’ll post here with things that I learn and milestones that I hit.

Photo by Sara KurfeƟ on Unsplash

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